Settelment Services

Every month, our Settlement Services Program helps newly arrived landed immigrants and convention refugees settle in and become a part of Canadian society. Newcomers often find it hard to get settled in because they don't speak the language or know how to get basic services like health care, transportation, education, a job, or a place to live. Our staff at Settlement Services is well-trained and has the right tools to meet their unique needs.
We offer you and your family a wide range of settlement services, such as: Information and help getting started Filling out forms and asking for help (SIN, PRC, CCTB, OHIP) Assistance Finding a Home (Rentals and Applying for Subsidized Housing) Referral and Enrollment in Language and School Training Helpful Counseling and Accompanying Check-ins and referrals.
The first step in settling in and getting used to a new place is to figure out what people need. During this meeting, permanent residents in Canada are told about their rights and responsibilities. They are told about all the paperwork they need to get health care, a job, training, programs, and schools for their children, as well as the many services the AWO offers to help them settle in.
One of the most important things that settlement services do is help new immigrants get the right ID cards and help them fill out the forms they need to use government services. Clients get help getting their Health Card, Social Insurance Number (SIN), Interim Federal Health (IFH) benefits, and Child Tax Benefit. Our settlement services make it easier for newcomers to settle in by holding orientation and information sessions about Canadian law, finances, recreation and shopping, access to transportation, health care, housing, and jobs. Staff members also give advice and counselling one-on-one about these topics if asked.
A big part of our settlement service staff's job is to help clients connect with government and non-government institutions. While providing interpretation services, the staff also speaks up for clients. Staff and volunteers at AWO also take clients to medical and immigration appointments, meetings with social service agencies and schools, and other events.
Services are offered in many languages, such as English, French, Farsi, Turkish, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, and others

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